You’ve got the green light to start your video project in Canada. Now you just need to find the right production house. Where do you start?

Canada has established a reputation as a top international film and television location with world-class facilities in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Smaller …

  July 1, 2023 – Canada Day – A humid, rainy day in the nations capital with a hazy veil of smoke …

This article explains why preparing a video production brief is necessary and provides guidelines as to what should be included in your next video production brief.

The good news for businesses, video production cost has come down dramatically in the past few years. Discover what goes into the cost of a corporate video.

Video Production Companies are evolving rapidly but like owning a pen won't make you a writer, owning camera equipment doesn't make you a video producer.

Imagine being brave enough to show that you have a few chinks in the armor, that you’re not a perfect person or company.

Understanding the different categories and types of marketing videos and how they fit into your customer's buying cycle will determine your video's success.

This promo should be used as a case study in how to design the prototypical endorsement video. In fact, I'll build the argument for you:

If you are either surprised or disappointed by the results of your video it's likely because your planning process was either flawed or non-existent.

Video Production Cost Calculator

Discover what goes into the cost of your video project.


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