Canada Day 2023 – A Celebration of Diversity in Ottawa.


July 1, 2023 – Canada Day – A rainy, sticky day in the nations capital with a hazy veil over the city reminding everyone that the ‘new normal’ now includes the effects of blazing wildfires. I grabbed my camera… and hoped for the best.

We’re blessed to live in one of the best cities in one of the best countries in the world. Canada Day is a celebration of the diversity, the character and the national pride of the Canadian people.

In Canada our different traditions and backgrounds are embraced and celebrated. We’re not a melting pot. I don’t believe we’re even patriots. Canadians are an amalgam of cultures and customs. We’re an experiment in multiculturalism. It’s not perfect. We have a long way to go… but if we’re going to survive as a species we have to come together. 

Every frame I shot made me believe that we’re on the right path. Even the folks who chose to wave flags with negative and angry messages served as a reminder that we’re an open society, we accept different viewpoints and that we are all free to express our opinions.

I quite enjoyed filming Canada Day in Ottawa. 

Go Canada!

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