This video is fun, it's memorable, it's evocative and it's something that you want to share. It informs you, it engages you, it moves you and it's very well done. Wow.

I get to do cool stuff like hang out of a helicopter at 1,500 feet.

The video production piece (shooting and editing) represents about 1/3 of the total value in the video development process. Planning (building the right messages for your audience) and promotion (making sure the video is seen) are both equally important.

Companies large and small would benefit from both lessons learned and mistakes made in these videos.

Should you be steadfastly protecting your brand or sharing it with the masses?

This viral video is noteworthy because it accomplishes two very important things that most viral videos do not.

T-Mobile has delivered another clever video featuring great music in public places that captures both inspired performances by participants as well as great reactions from onlookers.

Have a drink, read Chris Anderson's book Free, go reinvent your industry ...and let us know how that goes.

Video marketing is now on every marketer’s to do list. Why? Because web video and rich media engages, persuades and motivates like no other marketing tool. In deference to Mr. Covey I present 7 ideas that if done well will help make your next video successful:

The iPad will do very well.

Apple will deliver in the iPad three things it does really, really well: 1. A world class user interface, 2. A really smart ecosystem to support the device and 3. Cool.

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Discover what goes into the cost of your video project.


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