Training Video

Do you need to develop video content to keep your staff updated on new technology or processes, to educate customers on how to use your product or service, or to effectively deliver industry mandated safety awareness training? One Market Media and their trusted training partners can help you with that.

One Market Media works with our certified training development partner – Androcom Connected Learning services to achieve extraordinary workplace learning results through the integrated use of eLearning, performance support, and informal learning approaches. 

Training Categories

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Skills Training

Skills training videos are designed to teach specific job skills based on best practices and processes developed by the organization or by an industry association.

These videos typically include opportunities for the viewer to test themselves on what they’ve learned to enhance retention.



Orientation Videos

Orientation videos are created to help the viewer understand the culture of the company, the types of work and activities that the company is involved in and to welcome the viewer to the organization. 

These videos are important in ensuring that new employees understand what is expected of them, how the company supports them and how the corporate culture is integral to worker success.



Health and Safety

Businesses and Organizations lose millions of dollars each year due to preventable accidents and incidents. Government mandates and business best practices need to be communicated to employees on a regular basis.
Videos that highlight the newest safety and employee health protocols can be updated on a regular basis and are essential in protecting organizations from future financial loss due to Health and Safety related issues.

Just-in-Time Training

Most jobs require some form of ongoing training. Scheduling ‘training days’ isn’t necessarily the answer when employees need immediate access to the newest techniques, tips and best practices.
Just-in-time training videos are short form videos that can be viewed immediately to communicate valuable knowledge exactly when it is required.

Soft-skills / Roll Playing

The subtleties and nuances of interpersonal skills are best learned through modelling – by showing the viewer how to act, how to respond and how to interact with other employees, suppliers, customers or partners.
Soft-Skills training videos offer the benefit of demonstrating both inappropriate behaviours and also modelling appropriate actions and behaviours.

‘How-to’ Instructional Training

If your organization interacts with customers or partners, or if you have a service mandate to support a specific group of people then How-to videos can be very effective in guiding that group when you cannot support them in person.
How-to-videos are the ‘external’ version of Just-in-Time videos. They are intended to provide important learning or knowledge transfer to different groups that you support who might require remote assistance or instructions.

Incident Summary / Report

The most successful organizations learn from their mistakes and share this learning with their employees. Incidents of all kinds – accidents, external threats, legal hazards, technical problems and other on-the-job issues happen every day.
Incident Summary videos are created to communicate: 1. What happened and why. 2. What was learned from the incident, and 3. What the organization should watch out for in the future.