You have to ensure that you craft a message that is tailored to the specific concerns of a very well defined audience.

“The rewards of the journey far outweigh the risk of leaving the harbour."

To remain in a leadership position in a commodity business for well over a hundred years - that is absolutely remarkable.

Most companies miss a golden opportunity to leverage the confluence of really smart people (clients, suppliers, industry experts, media, staff, etc) who attend events.

There are many factors that affect the cost of a video - I.e. you can pay a thousand bucks for a talking head video or you can pay a million bucks for a world class broadcast commercial. Both are video. Assuming that you have a budget in place to produce good work and a video production company helping you that is very good at what they do, how can you minimize the overall cost of your video project? Here are seven suggestions:

Enter Google with their mission to make all of the world's information available to everyone.

Very soon, hardware will cease to be a differentiating factor in corporate video production.

Creating a successful viral video is like creating a hit record - it's really, really difficult.

This video is fun, it's memorable, it's evocative and it's something that you want to share. It informs you, it engages you, it moves you and it's very well done. Wow.

Should you be steadfastly protecting your brand or sharing it with the masses?

Video Production Cost Calculator

Discover what goes into the cost of your video project.


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