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We’re an Ottawa Video Production Company

We create engaging videos that deliver results.
From idea to execution, we create effective promotional videos, explainer videos, how-to videos, brand videos, commercials, training videos and social media videos for your business or organization.

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Ottawa Video Production Services

I’ve worked both agency-side as a partner in an ad agency and client-side as a Director of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company. We bring a lot of experience to each new project.
One Market Media creates TV commercials, corporate videos, animated videos, video for training and videos that promote important social causes. 
We take the time to understand your business and communication objectives and your target audience so we can deliver a production which reflects your values and the story that you want to tell.
We’re a family run video production business with offices in Ottawa, Ontario and Kelowna, BC in Canada. We create videos for clients locally and across the world.


Jimm Fox

Ottawa Video Production – FAQ

What does it cost to produce a video?

Most experienced production houses have minimum charges for projects that begin somewhere between two and five thousand dollars. When you hire a video production company you are paying for experience and expertise, for human resources and equipment and for the time it takes to complete a project. Ultimately you should be paying for results.
Video Production is broken into three categories: Pre-production where the concept and storyboard for the video are created, Production where the filming takes place and Post Production where the video is edited. We’ve broken down each of the video production cost components and explained exactly what goes into each of these production costs, which of these are the most important and how they effect the cost of your next video. We’ve also created a video production cost calculator to help you estimate the cost of your next video project.

How to choose a video production company?

We’ve put together an in-depth post to help you manage your next (or first) video production project. We begin by explaining the planning process and showing you how to prepare a video production brief, what to consider when budgeting and other important steps that need to be considered before you begin your project.
We then consider what you should look for when searching for the right video production company. This includes, experience, portfolio, setting video production outcomes, clientele, budget, cultural fit and timelines. We also suggest a number of important questions that you should be asking prospective video production companies. And finally, we provide links to other posts that help you ensure a positive experience with your next video production project.