Owning a new camera doesn’t change anything. Telling your client how they can use video to solve their business problems – that changes everything.

You've wrangled a budget, selected a production company and are ready to start your video project... here are the top 10 things you don't want to hear...

We built a video production cost calculator to help businesses understand the type and range of costs that go into the production of a corporate video.

Marketing, at its highest level, is the practice of showing people how they should feel about your company.

Telling your client that 90 seconds is the ‘correct length’ is like telling them that being funny is the right approach to take with their next corporate video.

Knowing how to craft a video that communicates an important message that resonates with your target audience - that's what's valuable today and that's what businesses should be paying for.

What do you want to happen when people finish watching your video?

Your prospects are more inclined to listen to strangers talking about your company than to listen to you talking about your company.

Video projects should never start with ‘creative,’ they should start with a business need and a fully defined set of messages that resonate with your target audience. Once that’s in place, then you get clever.

What would you prefer, a million people saying 'ya, that was alright... or a few hundred thousand saying 'THAT WAS FRICK'EN AWESOME!!!'

Video Production Cost Calculator

Discover what goes into the cost of your video project.


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