Top ten things you never want to hear your video production company say

Crazy man with glasses.

Video production continues to grow as part of the overall corporate marketing mix. With that growth comes specialization, complexity and a host of issues that many video production customers may not be aware of.

Here are the top ten things you never want to hear your video production company say:

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7 Ways to Keep Video Production Costs Down

Ways to save money on your next video production

There are many factors that affect the cost of a video – I.e. you can pay a thousand bucks for a talking head video or you can pay a million bucks for a world class broadcast commercial. Both are video. Assuming that you have a budget in place to produce good work and a video production company helping you that is very good at what they do, how can you minimize the overall cost of your video project? Here are seven suggestions:

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How important is the ‘concept’ in corporate video production today?

mcdonalds-pizza billboard

… and how much should you charge for concept development? Sometime in the mid nineties McDonalds introduced Pizza into their lineup. While that product ended up McBombing, the new venture did deliver some clever marketing. The image above is from a billboard that announced, rather succinctly, McDonalds newest food item. How long do you think…

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