Complexity in packaging is just another way of hedging your bets - making sure that no group goes undifferentiated and that no bit of information goes unmentioned.

Q. What's the difference between a salesman and a marketer? A. Salesmen know when they are lying.

This commercial is part reality TV, part parody, part local TV commercial and part documentary.

Having great equipment helps, no question, but both of these examples show that equipment is only part of the equation.

Like the frog in the slowly warming pot of water, many businesses won't even notice the change.

Prime Minister Harper and all politicians would do well to engage the electorate not just through press conferences and question period shouting matches but also through the use of social media where people are sharing stories, engaging their networks and slowly building new and important communities of influence.

The quality of the video, the timeliness and importance of the message and the relative uniqueness of the video make it very powerful.

Social media - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is quickly changing how companies communicate with their constituents.

There should be a reasonable limit to the number of commercial objects that can be caught with different body parts.

You have to guess the PR value for 'Sons of Maxwell' is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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