The Buffalo Bills Tailgate Experience

My son Sam (who works with me) and I, accompanied by some ‘friends and relatives’ shuffled off to Buffalo to take in the full ‘Tailgate Experience”. What a blast – there’s nothing like it. We captured a bit of the mayhem on camera.

(Note: I assume that anyone who runs up to me and belches out “Hey you with the camera thingy, take my freak’in picture” is authorizing me to reproduce their likeness.)

Interesting Fact: I was not aware there are blood alcohol minimum requirements for Bill’s games.



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    1. Thanks Calvin. We shot the whole thing in about 20 minutes… after ‘warming up’ for an hour or two. Nothing like Bills tailgating… (although I’d sure like to be able to make the pilgrimage to the holy land (Lambeau Field) some time in my life.)

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