‘Be Brave’ – A brilliant PSA / Viral Video by Pfizer Canada

Pfizer Canada along with the Starlight Childrens Foundation introduced a viral video campaign to raise awareness (and money through donations) of the challenges that seriously ill  children face. The video was produced by Toronto’s Zig Studio who did a brilliant job at showing that love, support and courage can sometimes be the best medicine. Interestingly there is no dialogue in the video, just a powerful message with an emotional ending. This is not your standard viral video fare and will hopefully raise the bar for other companies looking to take advantage of social media.

Released in the fall it hasn’t received the attention or traction that it’s creators would have liked. It’s difficult to say whether it’s lack of notoriety is because of  lack of proper video seeding and promotion or whether YouTube viewers are simply more attuned to dancing cats and kids playing with light sabres. Either way it’s a great piece of video that Pfizer and it’s creators should be proud of.

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