Microsoft’s newest video promotion makes the “I’m a PC” guy look cool.


Microsoft has introduced a new application called Songsmith. It may well be a great application but the “High School Musical” style video promotion for the new software has to make you wonder what they were thinking. 

Perhaps they are smarter than everyone. Maybe they figured that if they made it just bad enough, if they appealed to virtually no one,  and took campy to new levels of lame that the blogosphere would light up talking about this new promotional video. If that was the plan – mission accomplished.

Maybe this was the plan too when they spent a cazillion dollars on those confusing and spectacularly unfunny Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld  promotions.

Microsoft’s official line is that it was a low budget marketing viral video created by two of the guys who coded the product (and who also starred in the video – good for them) . Of course ‘Low budget’ is a relative term. You have to know that they still spent more time and money on this ‘low budget’ diddy than most companies could afford.

The takeaway –  calling it a viral video doesn’t excuse it and certainly doesn’t mean the affect on your brand will be negligable.

Other notes:
1. Interesting APPLE references:  The little girl – who’s name is ‘LISA’ is using a Macbook Pro!
2. I think the most astute label I have read in reference to this video is “Craptastic.”
3. They should attempt a ‘Death Metal” version next.