Company brochures, product pages on websites and company presentations all suffer from the same problem – in isolation they have no value. Sure, in the context of someone coming to your website and looking for that information that content still serves an important purpose. The problem is that your website is becoming less important to your various constituents.

Whitepapers have always been seen as the highest value print collateral. Why, because they offer value beyond simply hawking your goods or services. If you offer some new insight, some value to the reader they are likely to benefit from it and pass it on… and hopefully contact you about it in the future. Your product brochure on the other hand offers little to no value other than to try to convince someone that the features and benefits of your product are worth the investment.

Content syndication

Your website will lose value over time as a point of entry for knowledge about your products and services. You still need one – it will always serve as a repository for all knowledge about you, your products and your services. What it can’t do however is reach out to people and engage them where they are – on a portal or on a social network.  Content syndication – getting your valuable content distributed throughout the web is becoming a critical success factor to marketing your goods and services. The new challenge however is that you have to add value to those content elements otherwise no one will care.

Creating Valuable Content

It’s easy to get peoples attention when they are on your site. When they are not, you have to try a whole lot harder to get them to notice you.  Repurpsoing the content from your product brochure into a ‘How-to” video on a specific topic- that just happens to include your product is an example. Creating a blog or discussion group around specific industry issues that affect your product is a great way to engage your audience – to add value.  You need to create content that people can and want to share. Content that starts conversations,  that is optimized for SEO and that adds value is the future of content creation and marketing.