7 Ways to use video to communicate with your employees

Accenture (you know… Tiger Wood’s company) recently announced the winners of their internal employee orientation video contest. With close to 200,000 employees the firm decided that the best people to call on to create employee orientation videos would be their own employees. Videos submitted by employees for this contest were required to align with three main themes and were peer reviewed to determine the winners.

The project was a huge success, received lots of recognition both inside and outside of the company and will undoubtedly be repeated in some format in the near future.  Aside from the obvious outcome – the creation of engaging employee orientation material – Accenture also took the first steps in walking the walk that they, as a leading edge global consulting agency, have been communicating to their customers: Video is becoming an important internal communications tool, social media (media that encourages pass-along viewing and interaction) isn’t just for teenagers and structured user-generated content within companies can have significant benefits to the organization.

Video is a powerful and engaging way to communicate within your organization. Some examples:

1.    Local Heroes. Highlight the people that move the company forward, who make a difference and who add character and vitality to your organization. (Not just the executives.)

2.    Internal Case Studies. Video is a great way to model behaviour and show (rather than just tell) how and why business practices help make everyone’s job easier.

3.    Employee orientation. Either professionally produced or employee generated – video is a great way to get people to listen and to understand.

4.    Tell your story.  If you are blessed with great communicators at the helm then you are well ahead of the game. If not, video is an excellent vehicle to remind your employees of your core values, your business objectives, your commitment to the community and the environment and most importantly, why your employees should be excited about their future with your company.

5.    Events/Conferences and Trade shows. Events and conferences are a great opportunity to capture what is going on in your company and in your industry and to communicate this knowledge with your employees.

6.    Customer Testimonials. Of course customer testimonials and video case studies have huge value as external marketing tools but don’t forget to communicate these valuable stories to your employees.

7.    Training Videos. Sales training, process and best-practices training, corporate governance and compliance , and Health and Safety are all areas that benefit from the use of video communications tools.

Video is a great way to tell your story and to engage employees.

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