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Client: “How much will my corporate video cost?”
Production Company: “It depends…”


A few years back we created a blog that tried to answer the question: What does it cost to make a video? The feedback we received was that, while helpful, it would be even better if there was a tool to help people understand the total cost of putting a corporate video together… something like a video production cost calculator.  So we built one.



This tool is intended to provide a cost range (not a specific price) for a video produced at three different levels of production: Low-Cost, Mid-Range and High-End. Pick a production range that suits your budget… and start calculating. There is also a ‘save as PDF’ function that allows you to save your choices to either print as a document or save as a PDF.

If we missed something, if you discover some rather egregious errors or assumptions or if you’d just like to say thanks, let us know.



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  1. Hi Jimm I am really impressed by this tool you developed! It is awesome! Did Jeff Bridges participate in the development of that calculator? I am working on something similar for my photography, but only on paper or word document so far. Having an actual online calculator is something I have never seen before in our “industry” which can be so time consuming just to figure out how we can help a client depending what they need. Seriously I feel really inspired by your work. Nicely done and it even worked from my phone right now. Congrats!

  2. Hi Jimm, nice article. We’ve been producing video content for a while now and find that it all comes down to good communication between the production company and the client. Best case scenario, the client gives a sufficient amount of information on the purpose, message and idea behind the video. In turn, we can then provide an idea of what kind of production value is needed to get the message across as effective as possible. Your Cost Calculator helps this process.

    Nextshoot London

  3. It’s just a minor point but I am sure the detail will matter to you Jimmy. On the button to launch the tool, there is a typo. We are invited to “Start Caculating”. Well, I’m assuming it’s a typo, not a verb that I am as yet unaware of 😉

    Thanks for your wonderful openness in sharing your wisdom and experience. Much appreciated.

  4. Absolutely great tool. Will be using this for general guidance for my own pricing needs. I wonder what makes someone elect to start at the higher production scales? Maybe you’re just that big a company that you assume you’re going to need some huge production crew?

    1. Michael, one of the reasons I created this tool was to show people where the costs come from. You may need a large crew, or you may not. You may need actors or you may not… and on it goes. There will always perceived value in higher priced goods and services. Aside from the logistics of a shoot, you’re also paying for expertise and experience – and market forces allow more talented people to charge more for their services. So to answer your question, the reason people start with larger budgets is that they expect a higher quality product.

  5. Hi Jimm, Thank you for sharing your video cost calculating tool. This will make users understand how much will it cost if they want to make videos for their business, for ads, any products, etc.

  6. Hello Jimm,
    I appreciated your job. It is really helpful for customers who want to know their video production cost for their business purpose. Thanks for sharing!! Hope to learn more from you in the future!!!

  7. It’s really great content i appreciate but could please guide me about my website i want to add this type cost calculator into my website I’m using some free plugin for WordPress but it’s not working properly so please tell me some few tips for WordPress?

    1. Alison, (I’m assuming you’re not really ‘Alison’ and that picture isn’t you…) if I can parse your comment, you are looking to get a video production cost calculator just like mine.

      It’s quite easy actually – you just many spend years doing video production, you then do research on what video production costs are by asking a lot of people a lot of questions, then you work out a way to put all of this great information together in a format that makes senses and is helpful, and finally you pay someone to build a tool that will make all of this information really easy to understand and use, based on the level of video production and the type of services they are looking for.

      … or you can try to find a free plugin that will do all of this for free…

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