Salesforce provides cloud-based CRM tools and is a global leader in web-based services. With over 1500 videos it’s safe to say that Salesforce is fully committed to web video as a means of reaching their customers and driving new business. If the internet is important to your business the above Saleforce video case study will show you how web-based video can support your ongoing business objectives. Saleforce presented this video at a recent Google B2B Think conference. If you are interested in learning more about Saleforce you might want to check this website.

The video shows why Saleforce has chosen YouTube to manage their video assets, promote awareness and drive new leads to the company. Some highlights from the video:

– YouTube is now one of Salesforce’s most important online marketing tactics.
– Saleforce equates their YouTube effort to adding 46 sales reps.
– Interestingly, one of the reasons Saleforce chose YouTube as their video delivery platform was that it was one of the most trusted by users.
– They have seen much greater success with video SEO since using YouTube to host their video.
– They have also tested YouTube Display Ads, Promoted Videos and on video Calls to action.

Many businesses today are considering what is the best option for hosting their marketing video. Obviously Salesforce isn’t concerned about issues such as YouTube being blocked by some sites or the possibility of other videos being shown around your video if you happen to click through to the YouTube site itself. Should they be?

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