A pub full of beer-hardened British Soccer fans singing a love song – doesn’t get any better than that!

The British online brand magazine Popsop has issued their top ten ‘contagious’ videos of the year. (You can see them all here).  A great selection because it showcases a number of videos that didn’t get a lot of media attention here in North America. Near, or at the top of every list this year is the ubiquitous Old Spice ‘Smell like a man’ series. Another great one to watch is Levis’ ‘The guy who walks across America.’ Check out the ‘making of‘ video as well – they put a lot of time and effort into this video.

But hands down my favorite is ‘The Puma Hardchorus’. I’m a sucker for singing soccer hooligans. The video is simple, the juxtaposition of these rugged soccer fans singing this delicate love song is wonderful and there’s actually a bit of harmony in that song. Nicely done Puma!

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