The recording industy still has their head in the sand.


Heard somewhere in a recording industry boardroom: “I’ve got it!!!! Let’s get Gilbert Gottfried to deliver a vulgar, convoluted and condescending rant to discourage piracy!” The recording industry still has their head in the sand and this video is a big ‘Kick Me’ sign that they just pinned to their own back side.

Victory Records developed this video to discourage people from illegally downloading music. Seriously. Or perhaps they figured that being offensive is a clever and effective new marketing tactic that will draw lot’s of attention to their important cause. This video fails on pretty much every level possible:

1. Having Gilbert Gottfried deliver anything more than a irritating sentence fragment is much too much.  I can’t think of a worse choice of spokeswhiner.
2. Being vulgar is really risky. Sure, Billy Connolly, George Carlin and Chris Rock elevated it to an art form but vulgar is really tough to do well.
3. This is a condescending angry rant. Q. Who is this going to appeal to? A. Absolutely no one.
4. I suppose it was intended to be funny. It’s not. Although the request at the end did make me chuckle: ‘Now pass this on to everyone you know who loves music’.  You bet.
5. The production value is… low. I guess after paying for Gottfried the next big expense was the plastic mask for the dude standing in the background.
6. The approach is really my biggest complaint. These rants don’t work. Complaining isn’t a particularly clever tactic. The recording industry (not the music industry) is dying and no amount of complaining is going to get us back to the glory days of the 60’s. Things are digital now. New reality, new problems. Figure it out. Every other business on the planet is going through the same issues to some degree – recording companies just got there ahead of everyone else. My advice: have a drink, read Chris Anderson’s book Free,  go reinvent your industry and let us know how that goes.

I wonder what the network TV guys are up to these days?

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