Making a great viral video is easy… just be inventive, shocking, funny, fascinating, captivating and awesome… all at the same time. (It’s actually really, really difficult to create a successful viral video.)

I’m not the biggest  fan of the music but the video is incredible. Obviously a great deal of time and effort went into the making of this music video for OK Go’s new song ‘This too shall pass”. Captured in a single four minute shot I can’t imagine many people leaving the video part way through. CNN published a good background piece on the making of this video.

Sure, this type of video has been done before, it’s still a great video. Don’t know if they’ll catch up to the 50,000,000 views that their last video received but, way to go OK Go.

4 thoughts on “How to make a great viral video.

  1. Jim: I was at the Zone5 / OCRI seminar yesterday where Samer Forzley of eBillme presented his contest campaign and some of the results of the consumer-created content.

    One interesting thing I noticed the content was more important as a means of starting a conversation with channel partners than as an awareness-raising exercise.

    • James, you raise a great point. Video is an excellent presentation media but increasingly it is also being used as an engagement and collaborative tool.

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