When Starbucks marketers drink the non-fat, mochachino kool-aid .

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Q. What’s the difference between a salesman and a marketer?
Salesmen know when they are lying.

{Full disclosure: I love Starbucks, I go there quite often. I just find it silly when people take themselves too seriously.}

Caleb Hannon wrote a recent article in the Daily Weekly that  concluded with directions on how to “cleanse yourself of the stench of Pfeiffer’s corporate-speak.” I’m not sure if the self-important proclamations he refers to are quite this egregious but you have to admit that Pfeiffer and many other marketers do tend to take themselves a bit too seriously.

Starbucks is opening new custom designed stores that attempt to blend in with their local environments. That’s it. Unfortunately that sound bite would only last for a few seconds so Tim Pfeiffer, Starbucks VP of Global Magnificence felt he needed to fill that void with over three minutes of Starbucks marketing dribble.

The following is a guide to help you better understand what Starbucks is trying to say in this video:

“Cafe Presence” – A store.
“Open the Throat”
– I believe he is either referring to an in-store tracheotomy procedure or perhaps this is a euphemism for increasing cut throat business practices… not sure which.
“Major Coffee Theatre”
– A clear indication that everything he and the company does and says is an act, they don’t really mean any of it.
“Elevate the offering”
– The religious connotations are self-evident here.
“More bespoke and one-off”
–  ‘Mcdonald’s started building customized/localized stores a while back so we thought we’d copy that idea.’
“Availability of the interaction of the Barrista”
… I got nothing here. It’s English (and he’s a marketer), so he was probably trying to make a point about something.
“The go-forward”
– All marketing men of action are legally required to include ‘go-forward’ at least once in a conversation.
“Great coffee messaging”
– Ads.
“Our coffee authority” – Starbucks will continue to crush all competition (in an environmentally responsible fashion.)

So Tim, keep up the good work… but get over yourself, it’s just coffee.

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  1. Hey Jimm, I like that you hold nothing back (in terms of your opinion and thoughts). You don’t care what Starbucks, or people who enjoy Starbucks, might think. While I actually do enjoy a nice coffee drink myself, I can totally respect your honest personality and voice in your writing.

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