Intel video rocks!… and then doesn’t

Intel hits it out of the park with the first video. It’s cool. it’s clever, it’s funny… it rocks. Good for Intel (and their agency).

It is extremely difficult to reposition your brand. The market decides who you are, what you represent and it takes a tremendous amount of effort to change those perceptions. Whatever you may have thought of Intel before, this first video does a great job of 1) Telling the world that Intel is filled with a whack of very smart people – no surprise there, but still a good reminder and 2) Positioning Intel as a pretty cool company.

And then there’s  the second video…

Here’s the thing – if you want to be cool, you have to be cool consistently. (i.e. Apple).  You can rationalize how unrelated the two videos are but they both use the same theme – rock music – to promote the company and they coexist on the same YouTube Channel, obviously intended for a general audience.

So which one represents the real Intel?

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