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Invisialign is a California based company that produces clear, removable teeth ‘aligners’. It’s two key points of differentiation with braces are that Invisalign’s product are easy to use and they are nearly invisible. The promotional video above highlights these two advantages in a very simple and very engaging manner. (Sure, having a presenter who looks and sounds like Demi Moore can’t hurt…). You can get this producure done through someone like cosmetic dentist San Diego if this is what you want to do instead of getting braces.

This ad is very effective. It clearly and simply demonstrates the benefits of the product, it does so in a very engaging manner and it also tells a story which makes the presentation more real.

The production could not have been simpler – a close up of the presenter and a simple and direct call-to-action. There are a hundreds of different ways this promotion could have been created – many of them ‘award-winning’. Often simple and direct is the most effective route.

… and here is a Eurpoean promotion for Invisalign which likely cost a lot more to produce. Which one do you think is more effective?

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