You have just completed shooting a three minute corporate overview of your company’s services that you want to put up on your website. Now what?

Assuming you know the answer to the following questions:

1.    Where on your website you want to place your video? (Is it on your home page, is it on a main section page, is it in a videos section, is it buried further in the site because it relates to some specific content )

2.    How the video will play on your site? (Will it launch a pop-up window that plays the video, will it take you to another page that contains the video in a player or will it simply play in place by simply clicking on a screen capture image)

3.    What type of player you will play the video in? (Will it launch in a flash player, in a windows media player, in a quicktime player, in the adobe media player etc.)

4.    What features you need in the player? (Play/pause, stop, slider/time bar , elapsed time/full time, audio control, enlarge to full window, and other controls)

You then have to decide how you are serving (hosting) your video to your website visitors.

Listed below are some of the decision criteria for determining the best way to host your video:

1.    How many people do you anticipate will watch the video – both in total (I.e how many people will watch it in one month) and simultaneously (What is the chance that 10, 20 or more people will watch the video at the same time.)

2.    How are you marketing the video – will people just see it when they come to your site or are you sending out one or more emails to drive people to the video (an e-mail campaign would increase the likelihood of many people viewing it at the same time)

3.    What capacity does your web server have – can your servers adequately serve video to people on your site – have you tested it with video? Have you tested it with multiple views of video at the same time?

4.    Where do you web visitors come from – are they local or in your region? Are they from all over the country or are they international.

5.    How important is the quality of the video experience to you – Will it matter to your audience if the video doesn’t play right away  (‘right away’ being a relative term), will it matter if the video pauses occasionally during playback.

6.    Do you just want to host it on a video aggregator like YouTube. – If the playback quality is not that important to you and you don’t mind having other videos appear with your video (could be a competitor’s video or a video of dancing cat) then a video aggregator site might be an option.

Placing your video on a video aggregator like YouTube is free but you cannot control the experience – you can’t control what videos play with it and you can’t control the quality (compression) of the video. Placing the video on your own servers is a good choice if you don’t expect a lot of traffic to the video and you have tested it and are relatively comfortable with the overall experience.

The best route is to use the services of a CDN (such as Akamai, Limelight, Amazon or Edgecast) either directly or through a third party who has a service contract with a CDN.  CDN’s have high speed, multi-server capabilities and redundant points of presence that allow for very fast and reliable delivery of video around the world. {Note: The video is served from the CDN’s server, but it will still appear on your website – the visitor to your site won’t know where the video is being served from.}

The video production company that created your video should be able to provide these services. If not, Google ‘Content Delivery Network’ – there are many service providers with many different price points and plans.

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